AIS Swimming Pool Sanitizing


Salt Generator [Self Cleaning]


Featured Highlights

• Reverse polarity (reduced maintenance)

• The reversing action de-scales the build-up of calcium and reduces electrode cleaning maintenance by 95%

• Powered by transformer power supply

• Salinity 5,000 ppm


From time to time it will become necessary to clean calcium and other deposits that will form on the chlorinator electrolytic cell plates every 4 -5 months. Every month cell cleaning is require for models Non-Self Cleaning.


Description Model Offer Price
Salt Generator 15GR/HR- Self Cleaning AIS ARP15 RM 3,620.00
Salt Generator 25GR/HR- Self Cleaning AIS ARP25 RM 4,350.00
Salt Generator 36GR/HR- Self Cleaning AIS ARP36 RM 4,850.00
Salt Generator 50GR/HR- Self Cleaning AIS ARP50 RM 7.600.00
Salt Generator 92GR/HR- Self Cleaning AIS RP92 RM 9,300.00

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